In many parts of the world, the weather is slowly changing. From winter to summer or vice versa. Especially in our wide ones the winter was long and relentless. Especially then music is very important for us. It makes the cold sometimes more bearable or reminds us of the beautiful moments of summer. But, this time has also its good, it is heard much more radio. This even went so far that our servers were overloaded and the radio was sometimes not reachable. Exactly, there are often two sides to everything.

But we are especially pleased with your support. Soundstorm is regularly heard in more than 120 countries, often for many hours a day. We only play the music we like and that you switch on so often connects us in some way because you have the same taste in music. We just enjoy discovering new songs and artists or old classics. We will definitely continue to work on it so that our playlist remains varied. Sometimes very quiet, sometimes a little louder.

So we now hope that the days will quickly become longer again and the cold disappears.
The soundstorm radio team

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    April 9, 2021 17:53

    Best station on the internet! Can you please tell me the musician who I heard yesterday (4/8) around 6pm PST singing “Hungry?”



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